Cocoa Beach legend Kelly Slater wins 56th career title ahead of 50th birthday

reprinted from  clickorlando.com Article by Hillard Grossman “This is the best win of my life,” Slater says HALEIWA, HAWAII – FEBRUARY 5: Eleven-time WSL Champion Kelly Slater of the United States after winning the Final at the Billabong Bro Pipeline on February 5, 2022 in Haleiwa, Hawaii. (Brady Lawrence, World Surf League) HALEIWA, HI – Just six […]

Cecil Lear, ESA Co-Founder and East Coast Legend, Passes Away

The East Coast Surfing Hall of Fame is saddened to announce the passing of Cecil Lear today at 91 years of age. Cecil most recently participated in the Induction Ceremony for the Class of 2022 into the Hall of Fame at Surf Expo in Orlando, Florida on Wednesday, January 5, 2022. Cecil was born in […]

Joe Nuzzo-Founder of Suncoast Surf Shop Dead at 78

reposted from stpetecatalyst.com   Suncoast Surf Shop founder Joe Nuzzo, a longtime fixture on St. Pete Beach, died Thursday morning under hospice care. The 78-year-old U.S. Navy veteran had been diagnosed with leukemia, according to Nuzzo’s friend Steve Kubiak, who served as his caregiver in recent weeks. Nuzzo opened the first Suncoast Surf Shop in […]

Greg Noll, Rick James and the Tale of the Severed Thumb

Enjoy this article about the legendary Greg Noll and the story about how a severed thumb encased in a dixie-cup shaped hunk of resin ended up in Noll’s shop. The Florida Connection is- Pat O’Hare and Rick James learned to shape at the Noll factory in Hermosa Beach. In 1963 they moved to Cocoa Beach […]

Juan Rodriguez- 7 Decades

Juan Rodriguez resides in a quiet corner of the surfing universe- Sarasota, Florida. Juan will be 70 years old in June where he has quietly built an international reputation as one of surfing’s premier shapers. His meticulously crafted surfboards are heirloom quality works of art- hewn of redwood, koa, balsa wood and foam. He is […]

Surf Contest Pioneer John Griffin-RIP

    John Griffin, pioneering contest promoter and professional surfing innovator, passed away on April 3rd 2021. John, and his brother Gunner, were instrumental in creating pro surfing as we know it today. When Peter Townsend formed the International Professional Surfers organization in 1975 in Hawaii John and Gunner quickly formed the American Professional Surfers […]

Portfolio: Allan Margolis

Margolis photo by Roger Scruggs Allan Margolis, one of the most prolific and talented Florida and East Coast photographers, passed away last year while surfing at Ft. Pierce Inlet. Margolis got his start publishing his photos in  the California based Surfing Magazine as a contributing photographer. He then appeared in a single issue of Surfin” […]

Murf and Blake- A Legendary Session

The year was 1960. Tom Blake gazed out at the two young Florida surfers riding wave after wave of six foot flawless peeling surf. Perched in his lifeguard chair on the beach in Boca Raton, his mind rode every wave as though he was there with them- even though his advancing age and health issues […]

RIP Steve Holloway- Lightwave Surfboards

Steve Holloway passed away on April 13, 2020. Steve was the owner of the Cocoa Beach landmark Surf shop Lightwave Surfboards. Text taken from Steve’s obituary Stephen H. Price was born November 17th, 1953 in Harlingen Texas to William and Martha Price. Bill and Marty also had a daughter Sheila, Steve’s younger sister. After the […]

In Trim- The Gary Propper Story- by Paul Holmes

  Paul Holmes’ profile on Gary Propper ran in the November 1999 issue of Longboard magazine.  *  *  *  Before he even hit his teens, little Gary Propper was already a streetwise hustler. Growing up in a troubled single-parent family situation, he gravitated to amateur boxing at the local Boys Club in Miami, just a […]

For A moment In Time We’re Kids Again” …RIP Allen Margolis

November 1, 2019 • Passings  Reprinted from Eastern Surf Magazine 2014 East Coast Surfing Hall Of Famer, and one of east coast surfings earliest, truly legendary short board era photographers, Alan Margolis has passed away Wednesday. Besides being one of the coasts most influential shooters Alan, along with partner, Mike Mann started the all color, […]

Larry Miniard- Jacksonville’s Pioneer Style Master

Mahalo to Justin Quintal for permission to publish this page. Visit his webpage here: https://blackrosemfg.com/ Words: Justin Quintal Efforts to chronicle the story of surfing, though mostly well intention, have not been immune to the pitfalls of history writing. Surf history, like all history, is subjective – full of opinions that only serve to glorify […]

East Coast Superstar, Gary Propper, Has Passed Away

Legendary east coast surfer Gary Propper died in his sleep Thursday night, March 14th. Gary was the east coast’s first superstar and a member of Dick Catri’s legendary Hobie surf team. Gary dominated the contest scene in the 60s, handily defeating all comers with his flamboyant style and cat like reflexes. He was arguably the […]

Slater’s Iconic “Tomahawk Chop” Turn!!

Crossfire! Dugan V. Mez’s Angle Of Slater’s Iconic “Tomahawk Chop” Turn!! Re-print from ESM online March 8, 2019 • ESM Crossfire!, Photos If it was a contest this one was really over before it even got started. More to the point, it was fait accompli when, back in the early 1990’s, Tom Dugan got to […]

Donations Made in Will Lucas’ Memory

At the celebration of Life for surf historian Will Lucas –Will– it was requested that donations be made to the Florida Surf Museum. We are honored that Will thought enough of our organization to make this request and we will continue his mission to record and preserve our surfing history. Among the contributors were members […]

Noted Surfing Historian Will Lucas Has Passed Away

Noted east coast surfing historian and videographer Will Lucas passed away on the 20th of August after a long battle with cancer. Will was a prolific chronicler of east coast surfing history, with a catalog of over 200 self-produced videos-many culled from his extensive collection of 8mm films on his website Surf64 Productions http://www.surf64.com/  and […]

Mike Whisnant:

  Mike Whisnant Whisnant Surfboards Photos by: Scott Cretul / @scottcretul Words by: Mike C. / Editor Location: Atlantic Beach, FL www.whisnantsufboards.com Instagram: @whisnant_surfboards Born and raised in the Jacksonville area, Mike Whisnant started his board building career as a sander back in 1973. Over the years, he mastered every aspect of the craft – from […]

A Truer Line: Balsa Shaper George Robinson

 By Dan Reiter Eastern Surf Magazine, 2016 The shaper formerly known as George Robinson looks too thickly alive, too vital for a man who has been planing and sanding rails for 46 years. Sturdy, Incan, hickory-haired, meaty in the hands, he takes me beneath a curtain of sea grapes into his shop and tells me […]

Jacksonville Surf Legends.. A Video by Mitch Kaufmann

Enjoy this video by Mitch Kaufmann of Jacksonville legends Clay Bennett, Winnie Strickland and Holly Rubin.  

RIP Ron Heavyside, South Florida Legend

South Florida Surfing pioneer and legend Ron Heavyside passed away on Apri 15th 2018. This article was published just days before his passing… County Pocket: Through time and tide, Nomad Surf Shop rolls on by Mary Kate Leming Re-posted from The Coastal Star http://thecoastalstar.com By Ron Hayes On a breezy Friday evening not long ago, […]

East Beats West- Historic Trophy is Re-Discovered

                                                                                                                                                                        1966 was a momentous year in East Coast surfing history. While the sport had been slowly gaining in popularity for a while, the introduction of “The Endless Summer” movie that year turned a novelty sport into a cultural phenomenon. Although there were several established surfboard brands on the east coast they did not have […]

Dave Carson- 2018 ECSHOF Inductee

Congratulations to Dave Carson for being inducted into the 2018 East coast Surfing Hall of Fame. Dave began surfing in Cocoa Beach FL during high school. He later moved to California where he  became an internationally recognized graphic artist. He is known in the surfing world for his innovative design during his tenure as art […]

Scott Busbey- 2018 ECSHOF Inductee

Congratulations to Cocoa Beach surfing pioneer Scott Busbey who was inducted into the East Coast Surfing Hall Of Fame this year. Scott, Pete Dooley and George Easley  founded Natural Art Surfboards- one of the most recognized brands to come out of the East Coast. Scott later moved to the outer banks where he is recognized […]

Freddie Groskruetz- Surfing Legend- Passes Away

Yet another surfing legend has left us. Freddie Groskruetz has died after losing a long battle with cancer. Freddie was highly regarded laminator who glassed thousands of boards for virtually every major manufacturer on the space coast,most notably for Quiet Flight Surfboards. Freddie was a devout Christian who was known for laminating an image of […]

RIP Joe Twombly

Joe Twombly, an original member of Dick Catri’s legendary Hobie surf team has passed away. Joe later became a successful businessman with Twombly’s Nautical Furniture where he specialized in resin tables encasing ocean inspired items such as  seashells, nautical charts etc. Joe was inducted into the East Coast Surfing Hall of Fame in 2012. From […]

Bill Feinberg, East Coast Surfing Hall of Fame

Bill Feinburg, who began surfing in 1962 in south Florida, opened the first surboard manufacturing business-Surfco – in Brevard County. He later opened Oceanside Surfboards- one of the most successful East Coast manufacturers of the late 60’s and early 70’s. He was inducted into the ECSHOF in 2012. Published on Feb 6, 2012 Bill Feinberg […]

Dick Catri Paddleout Video

Published on Jun 12, 2017 Dick Catri- the Godfather of East Coast Surfing- was memorialized in a traditional paddleout at Monster Hole, Sebastian Inlet- a surf spot Dick and Jack Murphy discovered in 1963. Friends and family from all across the mainland and Hawaii came to pay their respects to a surfing icon. poster art: […]

Dick Catri Remembrance on Surf Stories

Listen to this audio interview from Scott Mijares on Surf Stories. Scott has gathered interviews from  Dick’s friends including Bill Yerkes, Paul Strauch, Gary Propper, Sean Slater and many others. They share their stories and remembrances, many of which you may not have heard. Well worth an hour of your time.

Aloha O’e Dick Catri 1938-2017

Dick Catri has passed away. Dick made an indelible mark on the surfing world that may never be equaled. Dick was a pioneer, a visionary, an unrivaled promoter of Florida and East Coast surfing. At times he was a pirate and a scalawag. He was idolized by many and resented by some as well, which […]

Ricky Carroll- 25 years of R&D Surf

Ricky Carroll’s R&D Surf celebrates 25 years of business. Ricky got his start in the industry fixing dings at Natural Art, and progressed to full time shaping for NA and Seashapes. He later produced Pro Shapes, Local Motion, Donald Takayama, Hawaiian Pro and other labels at R&D Surf as well as shaping under his own […]

Vintage Youtube: Sean, Kelly and Todd-1987

Up and coming Florida stars Sean and Kelly Slater (15 years old at the time) and Todd Holland appear on Wave Watch-an obscure west coast cable program featuring Pete Townend and others interviewing surfing personalities of the day. Note that the Slater brothers were riding their Kechele boards and Todd has his Natural Art. Kelly […]

Tales of the East Munster Gremlin

    This quasi documentary by Will Lucas features vintage home surf movies filmed in the mid 1960’s, in and around Ormond, and Daytona Beach, FL. Surfing scenes from New York, New Jersey, North Carolina and South Carolina add to the interest of the film. The 20 minute video features interviews with Walker Fischer (the […]

Claude Codgen Promotional Video

This video from 2009 by Will Lucas showcases East Coast Hall of Famer Claude Codgen. It amply demonstrates why he is considered to be one of the East Coast’s great stylemasters-   Uploaded on Aug 1, 2009 Claude Codgen talks about his years in the manufacturing surfboards on the East Coast, of the USA. The […]

Yancy Spencer-1971

  By Tom Hutson This is Yancy III right around 1971 in Atlantic Beach, N.C. where he won $1,000, one of the highest, if not the highest, prizes ever offered for a mainland surf contest. He beat everyone – the guys who flew over from the west coast, including Dale Dobson pictured here – along […]

Pensacola’s Second Generation of Surfing

Written by Ken Roose/Edited by FSM July 10, 2016. Tom Grow provided his recollection of surfing experiences during the birth and first generation of Pensacola surfing beginning in 1957. The second generation will go to 1972 and continue on to Ken’s surfing years to date. The second generation of Pensacola surfing began around 1964 to […]

Scott Bush, Pensacola Beach, early to mid 1960's.

Pensacola Beach Surfing History Timeline

Written by Tom Grow Mahalo to Brenda Stokes for contacting Tom Grow and making this timeline available. 1941: Navy servicemen from California bring their surfboards to Florida with them during war time. Modern Surfing Begins 1957: A Navy guy comes to the beach with his surfboard and surfs while the Pensacola Beach lifeguards watch. Danny […]

Surf Legends of Jacksonville Beach

Enjoy this first rate video by Jax surf historian, Mitch Kaufmann- “A short documentary featuring North Florida’s 4 most influential surfers: Bruce Clelland Larry Miniard Joe Roland Dick Rosborough. Original footage by David Silver”


This is a thread from Swaylocks Forum discussing the passing of Dave “Davo” Dedrick. Sure do miss the guy. Swaylocks Davo Discussion

William, Stanley, and Dudley Whitman

Early Florida Surfing History

Daytona Beach was one of the earliest centers for surfing in Florida with a strong community of surfers dating back to the early 30’s. Some of the first organized contests on the east coast were held on their beaches and pioneers like the Whitman brothers and Gauldin Reed participated. This video was produced in 2006 […]

Richie Rudolph, 2016 ECSHOF inductee.

International competitor,  Cocoa Beach local and Quiet Flight team standout Richie Rudolph.

Cory Lopez- 2016 ECSHOF inductee

Cory Lopez- gulf coast native, big wave hellman and world tour competitor is inducted into the East Coast Surfing Hall of Fame.

Mark Perry, South Beach Legend

by Kim Kelly, Florida Surf Museum Mark grew up in post-WWII Miami, Florida. Sometime in 1964- probably on one of those roasting South Beach summer days- at 12 years old, Mark rode his first waves by the fishing pier. This patch of ocean in South Beach was known to the locals as the “surf area.” […]

Aerial Pioneer, John Holeman- ECHOF Induction

Thanks to Will Lucas for permission to publish this video

Interview- East Coast Legend, Todd Holland

Dan Reiter interviews Todd Holland, world renowned surfer for Talking Story. A documentary series which focuses on the history of Brevard County surfing, sponsored by the Florida Surf Museum.  

Carl Hatch and Bill Yerkes Talk Story

Thanks to Will Lucas/Surf64 for the video

Kelly Slater

  Supernaturally talented pro surfer from Cocoa Beach, Florida; a record-breaking eleven-time world champion (1992, 1994–98, 2005-2006, 2008, 2010-2011 ) who reinvented virtually every aspect of high-performance surfing. “His competitive statistics numb the brain,” world champion Shaun Tomson said of Slater, “and yet his most significant contributions have come from outside the competitive arena. No […]

Ron DiMenna

The Long, Strange Tale of Ron DiMenna by Matt Higgins, ESPN The legend says he’s as camera-shy as Bigfoot, or Banksy. A rap sheet tells of a taste for fast living. The rumors? Oh, boy, where to begin … Let’s start with a story about a surf mogul who hates publicity. It was 1988, and […]

William Whitman

EAST WEST – The William Francis Whitman Family

We are thrilled to have permission to bring you this article by Pamela Whitman Mattson, first published in the April/May 2011 issue of The Ocean Magazine. Thank you to Robert Wald and Pamela Whitman Mattson. As in the original article, all photographs are courtesy of the Whitman Family Collection. EAST WEST – The William Francis […]

Renee Eissler – Surfer – Adventurer – Teacher

Published on Jun 15, 2015 A Surf Documentary from Will Lucas featuring East Coast Surfing Hall of Fame Legend, Renee Eissler. Growing up in Daytona Shores Florida, Renee was not satisfied watching the guys surf. It was the mid 60’s and with surfboard sources limited, she ordered a Hansen surfboard from California. Her love for […]

Dick Catri

Born in New Jersey, Catri [pronounced CAH-tri] moved to Miami as a boy. Upon graduating from high school in 1957, he began working as a beach attendant where he met a stunt diver named Jack “Murph the Surf” Murphy, who later achieved infamy for stealing the Star of India, the world’s largest sapphire. The California […]