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Miscellaneous Publications

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This section includes regional magazines, selected articles, booklets and other items related to Florida surfing history

Southeast/Florida/Jacksonville Surfer

(4 issues available)

This series of newsprint magazines were published by Bob Kahaly in 1984-1985 and focused on regional areas of Florida that generally received little coverage. The magazines also included coverage of the skateboard scene in those areas.

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Jacksonville Surfer
Vol. 11 – July 1984

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SouthEast Surfer
Vol. 16 – No. 4 – Jan-Feb 1985

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SouthEast Surfer
Vol. 18 – No. 5 – March-April 1985

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Florida Surf (formerly SouthEast Surfer)
Vol. 20 – No. 1 – July-Aug 1985

DACSA Newsletter

(1 issue available)

The newsletter of the Dade County Surfing Association represented and informed surfers of the Miami area in the early 1970s. In addition to local surfing news and surfshop ads, they were also active in fighting for beach access and campaigning against over-development.

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Dacsa Newsletter
Vol. 1 No. 2 1972


Various Publications

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Cocoa Beach Trivia

Cocoa Beach Trivia is a collection of personal memories and reminiscences of the surf and beach culture from the 1960s through the 1980s. Many of these stories tell about growing up surfing and hanging out at the Canaveral Pier and the friendships that revolved around the iconic landmark.

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The Surfer
Issue 1 – 1960

This edition, published in 1973 is a reprint of the classic first SURFER, illustrated by John Severson. Pictures were taken in Hawaii and California while John was filming his 1960 surf adventure … ” Surf Fever.”

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Hawaiian Surfriding

Hawaiian Surfriding by Tom Blake- this was Blake’s second book, published in 1961. It is a fascinating look at the Hawaiian surfing culture at Waikiki- just as the old ways were being pushed aside. Blake left Waikiki forever shortly after this was published.

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International Surfing
July 1967

Feature article-Easter At Canaveral by Dick Graham. Lots of cool photos!

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Surferama – Cape Kennedy
April 1965

Program from the 1965 Surferama.
Later named the “Easter Surf Fest.”

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Competition Surf
Winter 1966 (Excerpts)

East Coast Championships, the breakthough contest for East Coast surfers. This article has the only photos of Propper’s fin-first take-off that stunned the surfing world.
Gary Propper, Mimi Monro, Surfboards Hawaii team

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Competition Surf
Summer 1967 (Excerpts)

Claude Codgen, Bruce Valuzzi, Hobie team

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Surfing East
July 1965

Gary Propper At the Swami’s Pro-Am, Cathy LaCroix, surfboard ads

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Surfin’ East
Oct-Nov 1975

Single issue magazine featuring the photography of Alan Margolis

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Surfing Illustrated
Summer 1963

Article on Florida surfing spots, words and photos by Bill Whitman

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Pro Surfing
Special Edition – 1999

Kelly Slater article – by Nick Carroll

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Surfer Magazine
December 1971

Featured Article-From Florida to Maine. Gary Propper, Buzzy Foye, Dickie Munson, Greg Loehr

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Surfer Magazine
May 1972 – Excerpt

Florida- Get It While It’s Hot!

Jim Cartland, Greg Loehr, Dick Munson

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Dec-Jan 77-78

Florida Pro article – by Bruce Valluzzi (a classic!)

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Sport Camping
May 1965 – Brevard County

Rare local publication featuring surfing,
fishing, and other outdoor activities.

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Petersons Surfing
November 1964

Florida Flips – Surf Spots – Gary Propper

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Surfing Illustrated
October 1966

Flight To Florida- surf spot map

Dick Catri, Gary Propper, Mike Shea Article

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Wave Rider
Fall 1975 – Back Cover

Dick Catri Surfboards Ad

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Orlando Evening Star
April 16, 18, & 19, 1965

Cocoa Beach Jaycees first surf contest (Surferama)