The museum recently received a special donation from local resident Mark Lucas- a nearly mint 70’s era Overlin surfboard. The board belonged to his late wife Rindy Arnone-Lucas who passed away on April 1st 2005. Rindy, or Rose as she was known in high school, was a lifelong Merritt Island resident who spent her youth surfing around Cocoa Beach. Her uncle “Arnie” Arnone owned the barbershop in the strip mall behind the Krystal Burger which is now Anacapri Pizzaria. According to Mark, Rose was given the board as a gift in 1973 when she lost her first board. But the Overlin proved to be too small for her, and after riding it a few times it was put away in storage until now.

Although the Overlin Surfboards brand was from Santa Cruz, California it was bought locally in Cocoa Beach- One of a number of west coast brands that made it to the east coast from time to time. Except for a few pressure dings on the deck the Overlin is in remarkable condition. The resin tint is first rate with clean black resin pinlines. The beautiful yellow Brewer wide-base Lexan fin by Fins Unlimited still has the flashing from the mold. But what makes it unique is the original board bag made of Naugahide with the Surfboards Australia emblem. This is the only one the author has seen.

Mahalo to Mark Lucas for the donation as a tribute to his wife Rindy and her passion for surfing.