Pretty incredible surf community we live in: The owner of Core Surf has a surfer bring in a pretty destroyed Natural Art fish… He had it for 30 years..He contacts Matt Bellina… A surfboard aficionado… Matt contacts Ricky Carroll, master craftsman.. Who has Jessica working in his factory as an understudy… She says if Ricky will help her she will take it on… Sanding on it, she sees “Rosey fishcakes ” Written on the stringer… Deb always wished her name was Rose… Of course, Mike Cline named her Debbie Cakes decades ago and it stuck… Hence the inscription -Rosie fish cakes- As it happens… I made it for her back in the early 70s for a birthday present… And it’s her birthday today… Pretty magic… By the way the original Rose air brush made it through the decades intact. As has my Debbie Cakes.

Pete Dooley from facebook