Dick Catri’s Personal Gun Joins the Museum Collection

The museum has received many donations over the years from our generous supporters. But every so often something special comes through our door. We were recently visited by Steve and Kelly Casanova who brought with them Dick Catri’s personal big wave gun. This board was shaped by Dick himself and was his travel board that went with him wherever he traveled to surf. Steve is a personal friend of the Catri family and even worked at Shagg’s Surf shop for a few years. When Steve received it from the Catri family it was in well used condition so Steve had it beautifully restored by Ricky Carroll.

At 8ft 5in. this board is a big wave beast well-suited to Dick’s larger than life personality Dick Catri memorium. It features a unique and very pronounced vee in the nose designed to cut through the surface chop that big surf often has. It is easy to imagine Dick dropping in critically late on a vertical face and burying the rail nose- to- tail on a bottom turn.

The board can be seen now at the museum as part of our new exhibit “Big Board Show 2”. Stop by and check it out along with many other classic and historic boards on display.


  • Years ago while thrift shopping I saw an old looking long board in front of a shop, for sale. Upon closer inspection I saw it was a David Nueva board. I bought it for 25 bucks and kept it for a few years. I later found an old Catri board. At some point I asked my husband Paul to contribute it to the Surf Museum. Hope you all restored them so everyone can enjoy them. I was a friend of Pat O’Hare from way back. Glad Casanova gave you all this awesome board.

    amaya acton20 November, 2019
  • Hello Amaya, Yes we do have those boards. thank you for your donation and you support for the museum.

    John Hughes20 November, 2019

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