Video by Mitch Kaufmann

Quote from Bill’s obituary April 24th, 2012:

RIP William Hixon, 68, surf pioneer, appraiser later in life
by John F. Morrison
Philadelphia Daily News

Bill Hixon was a legend in the rarefied world of Florida surfing, where intrepid young people relish tropical storms and other coastal upheavals that send normal people fleeing, to test their skill and courage against the wild waves.

He opened one of the East Coast’s first surf shops in Neptune Beach in 1964. He went on to open two more surf shops, and organized surfing teams that competed on both coasts. And he created his own boards. He was, in short, a surfing legend at a time when the Beach Boys were singing about catching a wave and capturing the imaginations of young would-be beach bums, who would then join the “cool” guys at Hixon’s Surf Shop and soak up the ambiance.