While digging through some old surf mags in the museum storage I came across this amazing find- the program from the 1st Annual Jaycees Surferama in 1965 -which evolved into the Easter Surf Festival. Check it out- a lot of the early pioneers that have been largely forgotten are featured along with early surfboards brands that have long disappeared. Also interesting to note is the lack of surf shops locally. South Florida was the main source of surfing needs back then.

Surferama Souvenir Program

The First Annual Surferama was a major surfing event organized by the Cocoa Beach Jaycees. It included a competition at Canaveral Pier, a Surfers Stomp concert and possibly the first Surf Expo-like convention featuring surfing products from around the world.

This is being posted in part to answer questions about when the legendary Easter Surf Fest originated. That the Orlando Sentinel devoted¬† several days of full page spreads shows that this was an important event even then ( the Florida Today did not yet exist). Enjoy this fascinating look into 60’s surf culture!