Published on Jun 15, 2015

A Surf Documentary from Will Lucas featuring East Coast Surfing Hall of Fame Legend, Renee Eissler. Growing up in Daytona Shores Florida, Renee was not satisfied watching the guys surf. It was the mid 60’s and with surfboard sources limited, she ordered a Hansen surfboard from California. Her love for the sport grew quickly and created in her a desire to travel in search of waves. Her talent was recognized by George Miller with the Daytona Surf Shop. She and her friend, Linda Baron (Grover) were invited to join his competition team, and later, Renee was recruited by Dick Catri and traveled the East Coast with his Hobie Team. Renee qualified for the 1966 World Championships in California, and although she placed 9th in her division, the experience fueled a further desire to see the world. Her gutsy adventures took her to surf breaks around the world, making new friends all along the way. And so the story goes…….