This exhibit opened on April 19, 2014, and explored the history and evolution of paipo riding, or bellyboarding, and it’s relevance to surfing culture.

Paipo riding is experiencing a resurgence of interest after falling into obscurity due to the worldwide popularity of Tom Morey’s Boogie Board. Surfers exploring the roots of surfing have discovered that paipos are a valid part of the wave riding experience and they deserve a place in modern surfing.

The exhibit included a display of of paipos, with a collection spanning nearly 100 years, from early wooden bellyboards to modern high-performance paipos. Words and photos described the history of paipo riders and innovators and their connection to the present.

Josh Klein, of Xylem Surfboards, gave a presentation on modern paipos, including examples of his line of wooden paipos.

This exhibit was curated by Rod Rodgers, one of the foremost authorities on paipos. For more information please visit his site,