Watermans Challenge 2015

Water spouts threatened from the east, thunderstorms growled to the west, sharks prowled the line-up, but nothing could ruin the good vibe at this year’s Waterman’s Challenge. Once again we had very contestable surf for the entire weekend and the contest ran as smoothly as we could have hoped.

There was a great turnout for the competition with a large number of spectators and families lining the beach. Notable this year was the number of female entrants, comprising nearly half of the 134 competitors. We also had a record number of menehunes this year with over 30 attending.

The WMC continues to be a showcase for the longboarders and non-traditional categories such as the vintage and rodeo divisions. The short board divisions were also well attended and highly competitive.

In 2008 the WMC was the first contest on the East Coast to have a SUP surfing division. This year featured another first, a division for SUP race boards over 12’6” in length. This was possibly the first of its kind in the world (that’s our claim until someone proves us wrong).

The Surfrider Foundation Challenge was a hotly contested event as always. The Cocoa Beach chapter overcame a long drought with a win over the Suncoast, Central Florida and Sebastian chapters.

We are entering a new chapter as we transition from being the Cocoa Beach Surf Museum to our new role as the Florida Surf Museum. The Waterman’s Challenge will continue to serve as a gathering place for the Florida surfing ohana. We hope to use this as a springboard to encourage everyone to share the history and stories of their region so we can write Florida surfing history in our own voice.

Mahalo to Sharon Cranston, Matt Bellina and the judges for running a super smooth competition. Mahalo to our many volunteers who show up to make the WMC a success year after year.

We are grateful, as always, to RonJon Surf Shop for their unwavering support for the Florida Surf Museum over the years. Also, mahalo to the International Palms Resort for generously hosting the Waterman’s Challenge each year.

Mahalo to our many sponsors for your support!

Waterman's Challenge 2015 Logo and Sponsor List


Menehune Push-in
1) Jeremy Ahearn
2) Keaton Billings
3) Marley Pietrie

1) Ryder Aldridge
2) Patrick Carroll
3) Parker Hathaway

Women’s Shortbord 19 and under
1) Maddi Zeuli
2) Amanda Beumi
3) Storm Portman

Women’s Shortboard 20-49
1) Debby Walker
2) Juli Brown
3) Siren Williams

Women’s Shortboard 50+
1) Melody DeCarlo
2) Tracy McLaughlin
3) Sue Panzarino

Women’s Longboard 20-49
1) Debbie Walker
2) Anna Lusk
3) Sandra Goodwin

Women’s Longboard 50+
1) Melody DeCarlo
2) Tracy McLaughlin
3) Patricia Savage

Women’s Longboard 19 and under
1) Olivia Bush
2) Caelyn Clark
3) Sarah Stotz

Men’s Shortboard 19 and under
1) Joey Putnall
2) Pierson Prince
3) Keegan Varagart

Men’s Shortboard 20-49
1) Jacob Kotchpowell
2) Jimmy Walker
3) Brett Henderson

Men’s Shortboard 50+
1) Barry Paszonski
2) Sean Hayes
3) Paul Prince

Men’s Longboard 19 and under
1) Saxon Wilson
2) Pierson Prince
3) Justin Johnson

Men’s Longboard 20-49
1) Garret Spencer
2) Brandon Russell
3) Randy Carner

Men’s Longboard 50+
1) Juan Rodriguez
2) William Austin
3) Dave Miller

SUP Women’s
1) Heather Wilcox
2) Olivia Pippio
3) Bobbi Moccia

SUP Shortboard
1) Rob Biztkowski
2) William Austin
3) Chris Rockwood

Sup Longboard
1) Jeffrey Tellex
2) Wyatt Werneth
3) Rob Bitzkowski

SUP 12’6” and Up
1) John Hughes
2) Eric Enrique
3) Girard Middleton

1) Dan Mahoney
2) Pete Barnes
3) Juan Rodriguez

1) Gregory Kotovos
2) Juan Rodriguez
3) Barry Paszonski

1) Joey Putnall
2) Timothy Davis
3) Brooke Davis