We recently received a visit from Bill Stimson and his fiancé Betty at the Florida Surf Museum. In the back of Bill’s cherry  2002 4Runner were a Bing Nuuhiwa Noserider and a Design 1 transition era shortboard. Bill began surfing in Miami Beach in the  sixties, and like many south Florida surfers, roamed up and down the east coast looking for surf- often ending up in Cocoa Beach. Bill has held on to these boards all these years but felt like it was time to give them an new home.

Both boards were purchased at Buck’s Surf Shop in Deerfield Beach. The Bing originally belonged to a friend of his, Michael Yurocko (formerly of Miami), which he bought in 1967. A number of years later he saw it in a garage sale at Michael’s home and bought it when his friend expressed no interest in it. The Design 1 was purchased in 1969. The brand was a New York based builder by the name of Surf Jet that lasted for a short while before folding like so many others. At one time Butch Van Artsdalen was one of their sponsored riders.




In addition to these boards, Bill also has a mint Bing Nuuwiwa Noserider with a striking floral design competition band on the nose that he bought for himself at Buck’s in 1967. He is keeping that one.

Thank you, Bill, for your generous donation. We look forward to seeing you again in Cocoa Beach.