We are proud to add an iconic label surfboard from Pensacola to our collection. Hutson Surfboards was one of the earliest line of surfboards from the area and this one is believed to have been made around 1962. The museum received the donation from P’Cola native Mike McCrory. Mike is commercial diver with many decades working the oilfields as a mixed gas/saturation diver and supervisor. He was notably part of a team of 100 divers who participated in salvage of the cruise liner Concordia that was run aground off the coast of Italy in 2012 Concordia disaster. Mike has since decided to retire and do something less challenging-a 5 year circumnavigation of the earth in his motorsailor- hence the decision to find a home for the board.

Mike purchased the board in the 80s from Yancey Spencer at the original Innerlight Surf Shop where it had long hung up on display. Responses from our facebook page show that the board was shaped by Scott Bush and glassed by Tom Grow at the landmark Hutson’s Hardware and Surf Shop Hutson’s Surf shop. Mahalo to Mike for the donation- smooth sailing and following winds!