FSM Surf Magazine Digital Archive

Take a deep dive into surfing history in our digital archive. FSM has made these long out of print magazines available for the first time in digital format.

Available magazines include:

Wave Rider Magazine– Published by John and Gunnar Griffin. This magazine was in print from 1975 to 1982 and featured extensive contest coverage including the historic Florida Pro series which was also founded by the Griffin brothers. It also features interviews, travelogues and photography by many talented photographers. Later issues included the equally important Skate Rider magazine- printed back to front.

US Surf Magazine– Published by Carol Holland, Rob McGrath and Kevin Welsh from 1983 to 1984. This high-quality magazine only lasted for seven issues but picked up where Waverider left off in quality and coverage. Many of the best photographers on the east coast contributed to the articles.

Southeast/Florida/Jacksonville Surfer- This series of newsprint magazines were published by Bob Kahaly in 1984-1985 and focused on regional areas of Florida that generally received less coverage. The magazines also included coverage of the skateboard scene in those areas.

Eastern Surf Magazine Archive: This website hosts a compilation of photos and articles from  ESM from the past 25 years. This link will take you to the main page. Just go to far right tab, click on “magazine” then “digital archives” and yer in!

The East Coast Surfing Hall of Fame: The ECSHOF boasts the Who’s Who in the surfing realm of the Atlantic coast.

The Encyclopedia of Surfing: Matt Warshaw has written a comprehensive reference featuring many of Florida’s iconic surfers. Update: EOS is now a subscription-based page that costs $3.00 a month. It is well worth the money.

Surf 64 Productions (Vintage Surf Movies): Will Lucas presents restored vintage surf videos, documentaries and interviews -all available online free of cost. Check it out!


Bob Freeman, local surfer and museum supporter- recounts his memories about his competitive surfing career and surfing adventures

East Coast Surfing Discoveries by Skip Funderburg is re-writing the history of East Coast surfing

Swaylocks Design Forum has regular contributions from Floridians involved in the surf industry. Also, a great way to show you how to spend $700 in tools to make a fin that costs $50 at the store.

The Space Coast Tourism Development Council has extensive information about Florida’s Space Coast and the wide variety of activities available, including surfing!