Sebastian Inlet- 1979

Excerpt from Pete Dooley’s video “It Was Better Back Then”.


  • Nice footage

    Bonnie Dervage12 July, 2015
  • Sorry but I disagree! Yea, Mulhern ripped but Matt and others destroyed the world tour. Me, I just beat everyone who was a world champion at the time till 1985. Who am I, who cares! I am just a guy who went to the West Coast to prove east coast surfers ripped.
    I am proud to have been part of a very special place, the inlet. Greg

    Greg Mungall12 July, 2015
  • Thanks for the reply, Greg. The importance of Sebastian as a focal point for surfing innovation cannot be denied. Surfers such as yourself, Pat Mulhern, Matt Kechele, John Holeman, Kelly Slater and so many others used that as a training ground to dominate international competition; proving that the east coast could not be ignored.

    John Hughes13 July, 2015
  • Sebastian had the best wave on the east coast, there were days it was simply a sacred experience..

    Bob Waers15 May, 2017
  • Hi Pete.

    My name is Wayne Winchester and I am a surfboard collector and restorer from the south coast of Western Australia.

    One of the boards in my collection that I have just got around to restoring is a Sebastian Inlet single fin. I’m guessing the vintage is mid to late 70’s, but I have no knowledge of the board other than it has the number 1138 written along the stringer. Do you have any further information you would be able to help me with or is there someone I could contact. I’m happy to send photos if you are interested.

    My website is currently being worked on and should be published shortly if you wanted to take a look. The address is

    Kind regards

    Wayne Winchester12 June, 2017
    • Hello Wayne- Sebastian Inlet surfboards were sold in a shop of the same name down in Floridana beach FL which is about 5 miles north of Sebastian inlet. I believe it was owned by Mike Mann who came up to the area from Miami in the 60’s. It was only open for a few years, mostly in the 70’s as your board suggests. There were a number of people who shaped for them. Greg Loehr is one that I have seen. I hope this helps. We always like to see pics. Check out our facebook page for more history.

      John Hughes12 June, 2017
  • Thanks John.The info was very helpful. There are pics of the restored board on my website

    Wayne Winchester23 June, 2017
  • Loved reading about Sebastian, drove up there every week from Hollywood for many years. Made a film about Sebastian, premiered at the NYC Surf Film Festival but never released it to the public.

    B. yEAGER1 August, 2019

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