Pensacola Icon: Hutson Hardware and Surf Shop

Hutson Hardware and Surf Shop, Pensacola, FL. Submitted by Tom Hutson

Hutson Hardware and Surf Shop, Pensacola, FL. Submitted by Tom Hutson

We received this classic photo from Tom Hutson- a lifelong Pensacola surfer :

“This is Hutson Hardware and Surf Shop in Pensacola. This was after my grandparents sold their hardware store to Mr. and Mrs. Waters (pictured here), who eventually changed it to a hardware and surf shop. I’m guessing this photo was taken in the late 60’s, 1970 at the latest. If you look closely, you can see a classic G&S Skip Frye model in the window. There was a block building behind the store where Scott Bush and Tom Grow made Unit 4 Surfboards, and then Hutson Surfboards. In the 70’s Brian Waters made Islander Surfboards, for a decade or so.”

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  • WoW!! I lived in Fort Walton, in the early ’60s. In the mid-’60s, I bought a Hutson board – actually 3 of us pooled money – could not afford to by one, by myself. Those were the daze!! If we got decent surf, we went to the Casino Pier – ran out the pier, threw our boards in the water and surfed in. Round and round, ’til we dropped from exhaustion. These days, I’m a retired CEO in NM – great beaches, BUT a real hike to the water, lol!!

    Hank J30 September, 2016
  • I just picked up a islander surfboard out of someones garbage here in NJ and wanted to know the history. And i found this site. This is awesome. I found a 6’0″ islander ocean products surboard made by steve bredeson its 99% intact and i was thinking of restoring it since it has a single fin setup with a fin channel setup like ive never seen before i would say ths is a late 70’s board

    Tom Decker30 January, 2017
    • That brand doesn,t sound familiar. It is probably local to New Jersey. Try googling the names- you may be surprised by what you find.

      John Hughes2 February, 2017
  • Got a 11″ Islander paddle or wind board shaped by Brian waters. Few dings and a little dirty but other then that in good shape. Its signed by Waters with the #24 next to it. Not sure if i should repair and use it or not. Just now realized how old it is.

    Michael Pearce15 May, 2017
  • Islander was Hutson’s brand. If you lived in Pensacola, chances are you had an Islander at some point.

    Cam Villar12 June, 2017
  • Brain and I went to Escambia High school togeather.His Mother and Father owner the hardware store and Brain had a little shop out back here he had a shaper teach him the trade.My first board was a 9’ 6” Hutson.It was stolen-from a friends house but later reovered cut down to 7’6”.Short twin fins-were becoming popular so I had a 5’6 made at Hutson in 69- 70. We took the boards to California and was able to surf what was called The Ranch for 2 weeks.I still have the board and Birdwell Beach Britches .Would not take anything for the board.Hope to pass it down to a grandson one day

    MACK LAMBERT30 May, 2018
  • I bought a 6’8 Half Blue and Half white Islander by Brian back in 78,it was stolen at the FloraBama, man I would love to see that board aging,great surf board, Brian latter judged a skateboard tournament in Gulf Shores during the shrimp festival, I finished 3rd in it, great times back in the 70s ,the old Hudson , Interlight ,Tropical Expression in Gulf Shores, great places and people, thanks for the memories, surfers rule🤣🏄‍♂️

    Clark Huguley22 January, 2021

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