North Florida’s Iconic Hixon’s Surf Shop

Video by Mitch Kaufmann

Quote from Bill’s obituary April 24th, 2012:

RIP William Hixon, 68, surf pioneer, appraiser later in life
by John F. Morrison
Philadelphia Daily News

Bill Hixon was a legend in the rarefied world of Florida surfing, where intrepid young people relish tropical storms and other coastal upheavals that send normal people fleeing, to test their skill and courage against the wild waves.

He opened one of the East Coast’s first surf shops in Neptune Beach in 1964. He went on to open two more surf shops, and organized surfing teams that competed on both coasts. And he created his own boards. He was, in short, a surfing legend at a time when the Beach Boys were singing about catching a wave and capturing the imaginations of young would-be beach bums, who would then join the “cool” guys at Hixon’s Surf Shop and soak up the ambiance.


  • Enjoyed watching that, Mitch! Nice job. Both of my first two boards came from Bill Hixon. Though I started surfing at 12 I couldn’t afford my own board until I had a paper route at 14 in 1965. I saved up and bought a 9’2″ Dewey Weber Performer with a blue belly band and a blue fin (one of those wacko Weber fins). Next, at age 16, came a 9’6″ yellow tinted Hansen Competitor with down rails and a flat bottom nose. Bill really gave me a break on the price of that one or I wouldn’t have been able to afford it. That was probably my favorite board of all that I’ve owned. Great memories of a great guy!!

    Ed White16 May, 2016
  • I bought all my swimsuit there and my boyfriend Joey Brantley at the time got his boards from there.

    My dad was also Blackie Reasor

    Karen Sprague miller17 May, 2016
  • Bill Hixon sold me like a lot of others my first surfboard. I had no job and only twenty bucks. He held the board for over a month while I made small payments and paid for the board. During the payment period he would let me surf on it. Bill taught trust and money management to me and a lot of other kids. Later I would buy a 6′ 8″ sunset full of airbrush art work and the rest is history. Things I remember and love about 1972 are Bill Hixon and mom’s store on Ft. George Island.


    Keith Igou13 June, 2019
  • Miss you daddy.

    Victoria Hixon25 March, 2021

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