Joe Nuzzo- Historic Suncoast Surf Shop

Suncoast Surf Shop Shop started back in 1966 when no other surf shops existed in the St. Petersburg, Florida area. Owner Joe was going to be an airplane mechanic, only they sent him home to get a haircut, never to return, hence the new job, surf shop owner. Suncoast started with $300, a few surfboards, 12 tee shirts, a bottle of red wine and some surfboard stickers. In the 60s things were a little different.
Suncoast Surf Shop has survived into the 21st century and Joe continues to personify the surfer lifestyle on the Gulf coast.
Many thanks to videographer Chris Moriarty and JoJo Braddock for helping to preserve Florida’s surfing history!


  • It’s great to see Joe here. I’ve dropped in to the shop many, many times over the years since 1967. I bought my favorite board there back in ’68….a Morey-Pope Camel. (I wish I still had that board, but I loaned it to a friend who proceeded to destroy it). Anyway, I had some great times surfing locally there and driving back and forth to the East Coast. I’ll still be dropping into the shop from time to time. Long live Joe and the Suncoast Surf Shop !

    Ted Harazda17 April, 2019
  • IN 1966, Joe bought a 1966 Chevy station wagon and he and I loaded our boards on top and surfed T many beaches along the east coast to Jones Beach in New York. We were gone about a month. What a trip!

    MIKE CANDLER2 September, 2020
  • You should write up a story about it!

    John Hughes7 September, 2020

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