Tales of the East Munster Gremlin



This quasi documentary by Will Lucas features vintage home surf movies filmed in the mid 1960’s, in and around Ormond, and Daytona Beach, FL. Surfing scenes from New York, New Jersey, North Carolina and South Carolina add to the interest of the film. The 20 minute video features interviews with Walker Fischer (the film maker), Kent Coleman, Richard Waters, Rene Eissler, Linda Baron Grover, Mimi Munro and Don Bok. The movie is a universal story about the adventures of a young gremlin who had just discovered the new sport of surfing.

Walker Fischer introduced himself to me at a surfing event in 2012. He said he had some film: that was an understatement. Aside from surfing movies, he also shared his Vietnam movies for use in my Army films as well. Walker is still in the surf on a regular basis, capturing incredible photos of empty waves.

I found out that in addition to being a surfer, Walker had once been a film maker and he is still a terrific actor. My wife and I attended several of his plays. To honor Walker’s acting career, I added a little theatrics of my own to this movie. Special thanks to my musician friends, The Diamondheads, Seapark with Rick LaClaire, and my surfer buddy in NC, Jerry Powell, who created a song from a poem I had written 20 years earlier. The name Ormond is said to have derived from the name of an area in Ireland know as Oirmhumhain, or East Munster. Enjoy-


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