For A moment In Time We’re Kids Again” …RIP Allen Margolis

November 1, 2019 • Passings 

Reprinted from Eastern Surf Magazine

2014 East Coast Surfing Hall Of Famer, and one of east coast surfings earliest, truly legendary short board era photographers, Alan Margolis has passed away Wednesday. Besides being one of the coasts most influential shooters Alan, along with partner, Mike Mann started the all color, Right Coast Quarterly  Atlantic Surf  magazine back in 1974, a precursor and inspiration to ESM itself.

Allen went out the way we’d all hope / dream of, riding your last waves out in the ocean amongst friends which, in Allen’s case was near his home at Fort Pierce Inlet, Florida. Surfing that morning there as well, Graham Parker gave this eye witness account: “Today’s life lesson: life is short, enjoy it. Never expected that when I paddled out at fort Pierce inlet I’d be doing cpr on someone on the beach. William Davis and myself and others pulled an unconscious surfer out of the water and we did CPR on the beach for 10 minutes. I didn’t know Allen Margolis personally other than seeing him at the inlet over the years but seeing someone so respected by the community here passing away is such a shame. And the craziest thing was as this went down, the winds went offshore and the set of the morning came thru…RIP in Allen.”

Allen and his legendary small wave Rhino Chaser at Sebastian Inlet. He didn’t miss very many waves and nobody got in his way when he paddle that baby out. Photo: Tom Dugan


Added long time friend and fellow East Coast Surfing Hall Of Fame photographer Tom Dugan, “I first saw Allen in the 70′ shooting photos around Brevard County Fla. He helped put all the surfers of the day on  the map with great photos in many magazines. We became friends over the years and I remember sharing First peak at Sebastian with him on many dawn patrols. He was a hard core surfer his whole life and died in the water doing what he enjoyed… SURFING . Classic guy who will be remembered thru his hard work as a photographer.”

In the end Allen still makes us all feel like kids again, each and every time we look at one of his photos. A finer legacy I personally could not imagine. And please do yourself a favor by checking out below Allen’s Class of 2014 East Coast Surfing Hall Of Fame induction speech one of the best – if not shortest – ever given. -Mez –






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