The Lineup: Exhibits

Current Lineup

Surfing Miami – Current Museum and Online Exhibit

    Featured here is the online version of our latest exhibit- “Surfing Miami- a Definitive Look at Surfing in Miami Beach”. We have included the panels as they appear in the exhibit, along with other images, to allow the viewer to enjoy it in its original presentation. Special thanks to Bill Whiddon for sharing […]

Big Board Show 2

    The Florida Surf Museum presents our recent past exhibit, “Big Board Show 2”. BBS 2  draws on the museum’s collection featuring many boards that have never been displayed. Also featured will be the best of the George Trosset’s extensive collection as well as a number of  historic boards such as Dick Catri’s personal […]

Sebastian Inlet- The Accidental Wave

  Learn the in-depth history of Sebastian Inlet from the first attempts to open an inlet 100 years ago to its evolution as a fishing mecca, the discovery of the wave by surfing pioneers Dick Catri and Jack Murphey and the conflicts between surfers and fishermen over access to the inlet. A combination of videos, […]

“Hobgood-The Exhibit

The Florida Surf Museum is proud to present “Hobgood-The Exhibit” which chronicles the careers of twin brothers CJ and Damien Hobgood. They are the latest in a long line of champion surfers that have come from the Space Coast of Florida. The brothers grew up in Satellite Beach and quickly advanced in the highly competitive […]

Sidewalk Surfing: The Florida Factor

Sidewalk Surfing: The Florida Factor features a look into the influence Florida surfers and skateboarders have had on each other’s respective sport over the years. From Hanging Ten to Cut back Slides, Off the Lips, and Aerials, there’s no denying each has found motivation from the other. The exhibit features classic skateboard and surfboard examples along […]

Shortboard Evolution Revolution

Exploring the transition from longboards to shortboards in the late 1960’s to early 1970’s.

Paipo: Prone to Ride - On Exhibit

Paipo: Prone to Ride

This exhibit opened on April 19, 2014, and explored the history and evolution of paipo riding, or bellyboarding, and it’s relevance to surfing culture.

Paipo riding is experiencing a resurgence of interest after falling into obscurity due to the worldwide popularity of Tom Morey’s Boogie Board. Surfers exploring the roots of surfing have discovered that paipos are a valid part of the wave riding experience and they deserve a place in modern surfing.

Locals Only

An Exhibit Featuring Space Coast Surfboards From the 70’s and 80’s The surfing craze of the 60’s may have had its origins in California, but within a few months it spread its way across the beaches of America to the East Coast. At the same time the US space Program became a national priority which […]

Florida Women of the Waves

Currently in its fifth year, this celebration of women’s surfing brings surfers from all over the Southeast. Not a contest, this gathering encourages women of all ages and abilities to participate in the sport of surfing, whether it is their first time to try it, or their 50th year of enjoyment of the sport.