Rare Tomb and Reeves Joins Museum Collection


Florida Surf Museum has added another classic surfboard to our collection thanks to a generous donation from Dale Eldred. The new addition is a rare Tomb and Reeves single fin from the 70’s. Dale grew up surfing in the Eau Gallie area and started surfing in 1972. His surfing buddies included Ronnie Kruger and Arno Warner. They frequented spots like Paradise Park, Shark Pit, Sebastian Inlet and Monster Hole. Dale purchased the Tomb and Reeves in 74 after a bad wipeout on a big Shark Pit day convinced him that his old Weber couldn’t handle the big stuff. As the photos show, the racy template on the T and R was up to the job and saw regular action at Monster Hole.

Tomb and Reeves surfboards was in existence for only a few years- from the late sixties to the early seventies. Their boards were known for their quality construction but few are still around. Their factory was near the Chart House in the Melbourne harbor. Bob Tomb was the shaper and Bob Reeves was the laminator. Bob’s brother Jack Reeves moved to the North Shore of Oahu where he is considered to be the finest laminator in the business. Jack Reeves video

Mahalo to Dale Eldred for helping to preserve Florida surfing history with your donation!


  • It was Bob Reeves who was the Reeves of. Tomb and Reeves .Jack is his brother who is a well known glasser on Hi..

    Chuk Escriba29 June, 2018
  • I have one of these old boards fun shape longboard I would like to know a little bit more about it

    Michael Carlton14 September, 2018
    • Hello Michael- I tried contacting you by e-mail but it did not go through. Send me some photos of your board to flsurfmuseum@gmail.com. We would love to see the pics.

      John Hughes15 September, 2018
  • Isn’t that Bill Feinberg? He had Oceanside Surfboards.

    Barbara3 May, 2020
  • I have one if these boards purchased 25 years ago at Boca surf and sail I will share some pics when I get a chance

    Kevin Hoag21 October, 2020
  • I had that exact 6-8 I bought it at Pompano beach surf shop that was on the pier I don’t remember the name of the shop. Was 1974 and I paid $120 for it it was brand new it’s funny I looked at that picture one time at satellite Beach I brought the fan off on a big cool head with a peer used to be. And I wrote up the road to the surf shop and Coco and bought a black fin and stuck it in there. Would that be weird if it was the same board. I don’t believe that was a stock thin with a different color but I put the black fin in that 6-8. You never know small world

    Cabral Kenneth27 March, 2021

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