salicj1This very nice vintage Salick twinnie was donated to the Florida Surf Museum by Pat and Tammy Jones of Mackinaw Illinois. Pat bought this surfboard at the original Salick shop on 3rd Street North When Pat was 10 years old.

His family moved to Illinois after living in Cocoa Beach for five years and Pat took the board with him. Pat’s family has visited Brevard county periodically over the years and the board was always on hand for the kids to use, but Pat decided it needed to be given a permanent home.

The board is in nice shape with the normal repairs you would expect on a board that was ridden regularly. The Leasure sticker on the rail shows that it was shaped by Ed Leasure. Ed and Jim Leasure later went on to open the iconic Quite Flight Surf Shop. The board has its original Star System fins and sports some great airbrush graphics.

The board is on display for a limited time at the Florida Surf Museum. Mahalo to the Jones family for their generous donation!